Friday, 13 April 2012

Enrapture Heated Rollers

 Enrapture Heated Rollers are available at Debenhams and retail at £75

Enrapture products have been all over the blogosphere lately and are are a brand I've really wanted to try but simply couldn't justify spending £75 on as I don't curl my hair very often, but when I found these brand new at a Debenhams staff sale for only £5 I just had to have them!

I've never used heated rollers before and these took a while to get used to. You have to make sure you roll the ends around the barrel properly which has taken a lot of time and burnt fingers but the end result is so pretty and makes my hair look so much healthier! I still need to practice a little more with these to perfect the look but it's safe to say I've been converted!

What I love about using these rollers is that they are so low maintenance. I put these in when I wake up and have time to do my make-up and get dressed before they are ready to come out and I'm good to go. Some people on the reviews section of Debenhams have said they take them out after 10 minutes but I like to leave mine until they are completly cool which takes a bit longer. The instructions also show different ways to place the rollers for different effects which I'll be trying soon.

Have you tried Enrapture rollers? What did you think? How do you feel they compare to other heated rollers?

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  1. only £5 what an absolute bargin! your hair looks great i really want these and the totem styler xx