Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fabulous At Bank Dress, Warehouse DressLipsy Skirt, Michael Kors Large Hamilton Tote, Katy Perry Oh My Lashes, Bourjois Smart Nail Polish Remover

I actually just bought this mint lace dress and I love it so much. It's such a flattering shape and length. Outfit post on that to come soon :)
It's my 21st in January (I know its really really early to start looking at presents now but a girl can dream!) and I'd really love a 'proper' handbag, something classic that will go with everything, something well made that I can keep for years, and so far this is a strong contender. I really like the chain detail and the size, as I tend to lug everything bar the kitchen sink around with me! 
I really want to try these lashes after seeing Emma's post here about them. I've always been a little scared by the really full lashes like these but after seeing what they actually look like on they're exactly the kind of look I like for a night out.
Of course the new Bourjois Nail Polish Remover has made it onto my wishlist too. I work as a Healthcare Assistant and can't wear nail varnish for work so this is something nice and practical I can leave in my bag for just in case I get caught out. The packaging is so cute too!

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