Sunday, 15 July 2012

Shop My Wardrobe

ebay username: trixiexo

Just a quickie to shamelessly plug my ebay. I really need to get back into the swing of making regular posts! I'm ebaying like mad lately to raise money for my laptop/iphone/car fund. I am just such a bad saver, as soon as I see that that tiny minus sign on my bank balance has dissapeared and I'm no longer overdrawn I seem to spend like a socialite for a week and then wonder why I'm skint.
So I've fallen back in love with my faithful ebay friend. I've got so much to add in the next few weeks, at the moment I have just about sorted through clothes, then its onto accessories/unused beauty products and then books dvds etc.
Hope everybody is well! I've got a few reviews coming up and I will probably do a haul video as I've not posted any outfits in months, stay tuned! xoxo

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