Sunday, 23 September 2012

Instagram Post #3

rainy sunday - my tart of a pooch - posing before work
motorbike shopping with the boy - my babies - saw my gorgeous nieces for the first time in a month
en route to milton keynes - wearing eyeshadow for the first time in yonks - wicksteed park
carbooting - northampton from above - bulmers because they didnt have koppaberg 
ebay bargains - kara being a cutie - best friend curling her hair at kings cross
strawberry macchiato - arsenal on a sunday morning - spa trip with the bestie 
just a few healthy snacks - kettering train station - diy project (post coming soon)
trying to embrace my natural curls - surprise 3 year aniversary present from ollie - abby <3
favourite sweets - helpston - cafe nero catch up

Such a big post today as I haven't posted in a while. I've been so busy lately and have swapped my shifts around at work which has somewhat messed up my body clock. I have had a few emails about contests people have wanted me to enter which I was meaning to do but its proving hard to find a internet/real life balance right now. But I do have posts planned for the next few weeks and will definatly be doing some competitions! I have been thinking about doing my own giveaway soon, maybe once I get to a certain amount of followers? 
Me and my boyfriend are going to Spain for a week in 10 days time which I'm BEYOND excited for. I haven't been out of the country for 2 years now and it'll be so nice to finally have a break and get away from home for a bit. The only problem is my luggage allowance as we have only got hand luggage, 10kgs each. Still, I am counting my lucky stars that it will be boiling hot so I won't need to take any heavy clothes, fingers crossed :)
I hope everybodys had a wonderful weekend!

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