Wednesday, 9 May 2012

If Only For Tonight

 Topshop Blazer (old stock), Primark Dress, New Look Clutch

Just a quick post to show what I wore out on Saturday night. Me and some old friends from school went into Kettering for some drinks which was lovely because I haven't seen them in so long! We're all doing very different things with our lives now so its nice to catch up. This was also the first time I've EVER left the house wearing a short skirt and no tights! Proud of myself for that one and I'll definatly do it again! I had planned to wear this dress that I got a few weeks ago in Cambridge but when I couldn't get anything to go with it (I was thinking possibly a white blazer?) I had a mad dash around Primark and spotted this bargain for £6. I've been looking for a nice black dress that's good for lazy summer days and that you can dress up for going out in for a while now and this one fits the bill. The bag is my favourite item I've bought this month, I have so few bags right now and tend to just stick with one grey one that goes with everything. It's so spacious and I love the flash of yellow!

Hope you all had a fabulous bank holiday weekend!

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