Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Favourite Tops.

 Top: H&M Lace Tshirt
Bottom: Topshop Tunic

Ever since we've had this awful indescisive weather (so since March?!) I've been stuck in a style rut. I have so many summer clothes I can't wear right now because the day either starts or ends with a dounpour, and I've been finding it so hard to find something to wear in the mornings!
These tops are my favourites right now because I can wear them with my black biker jacket and a cosy scarf when it's cold, or on their own when it's warm.
My boyfriend bought me the H&M top a few weeks ago which I love. It's really hard to get a flattering photo of but it goes with almost anything and is a good wardrobe staple.
The topshop tunic is something I bought on a whim after seeing this post over at Lilys blog. I didn't actually think I would wear this much but it hides a multitude of sins and can be worn with different cardis/jewellery/jackets to mix it up. I'm tempted to get it in other colours as it's only £16 but I don't think I like any quite as much as the grey marl. 

What are your wardrobe staple pieces?


  1. The topshop tunic looks so comfy and easy to stick on with anything!
    I've recently got some treggings which i wear all the time and they go with any top.

    take a look,

  2. I love the cut out shoulder tops! You look stunning :)


    1. Ahh thankyou! I was put off them at first because they remind me something you could get on a market stall in 2002!! But now I love them! Theres a few on eBay I've got my eye on but i've already spent far too much this month!