Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Instagram Post #1

mcdonalds for dinner tonight, cute sign, outfit of the day, random night at the bingo, sugar mice, grafton waters, grafton waters, cheeky vodka after a stressful day, 5am face, so many clothes but nothing to wear, waiting for my lift to work, pizza hut with the boy, my boyfriend wanting an ootd shot, my ootd, me, been shopping, miserable face, best hat ever modelled by my cheerful brother

I've finally gotten instagram! I've wanted it for so long but it wasn't available on Blackberry App World so I traded my phone in for a HTC until I can get my hands on an iPhone(this is so typical of me to switch phones just for access to one app!) I'm already addicted! Follow me: victoriaterriwalton - I follow back! :)

Hope everybody is having a nice evening!


  1. lovely photos, your jeans are hott xx

  2. Can I just say...your eyebrows look amazing! I've been trying to fill mine out a bit more and 'grow them out' so to speak, but not having much joy as yet xx

    1. Ah thanks love! I use Vivo eyebrow palette which you can get at selected Tescos! It's only £5 I think, I got it months ago and havent needed to purchase another yet. Tried the Rimmel eyebrow pencil but it just slides off my brows! Really want to try the Gosh liquid brow pen though too! God how long can I talk about brows for?! ;) xx