Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I wanted to review this cleanser as it's one of my all time skincare favourites. I first tried Burts Bees when I was around 14, I got a starter gift set for Christmas and the cleanser was included. It's taken so long for me to track it down since then as i think it was discontinued, or is only available online but I've finally found it on probably the most obvious place - Www.Boots.Com, and it's also available direct through Www.BurtsBees.Co.Uk
You get 120g in the tube so it's gonna last a while, especially as you only really use about a pea size dollop every time. You rub the formula into dry skin then simply wash off with cold water. It is quite sticky, kind of like rubbing marmalade on your face(!!) but once I'd washed it off it left my skin buttery soft. It's ideal for sensitive skin, and you can use it on your eyes without it irritating or stinging.

Burts bees use all natural ingredients in their products and never test on animals

"Your well-being is affected every single day by the personal care products you use. Our goal is to create and educate people on truly natural products that have a positive effect on both you and the world you live in for the good of your well-being, for the good of the environment and for The Greater Good. Simply put, we strive to make people's lives better every day — naturally."

I honestly love this cleanser, I can't go out without having used it first. After using this I took a cotton pad soaked in toner over my face and theres absoulutly no product residue afterwards. It's just a really lovely product that gives a really deep clean for sensitive skin and the packaging is great. It's £10.99 a tube, which I think is a bit expensive if you havent tried the brand before and just want to trial the product, but I would quite happily pay that much myself.

For more information about the brand and other products, visit Www.BurtsBees.Co.Uk

Do you use Burts Bees products? How do you rate them? Is Burts Bees a brand you'd be interested in trying?

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