Sunday, 13 November 2011


So I was browsing my local newsagents the other day when I saw that you get a free Nails Inc polish with this months issue. Theres 4 colours to choose from, Tate, Victoria, Piccadilly Circus and Basil Street, I chose Piccadilly Circus, its a lovely Wintery Raspberry shade. I don't actually have any Nails Inc products, well I did have one free with Glamour a year or so ago that I didnt get on too well with so it went to my Mum. I was a little worried I might have the same problems, but at £2 it's a gamble I was prepared to take.
So I bought the mag, had a little flick through an kind of forgot about the polish until today (typical me!) when I was getting ready for work. I tried some nail art with it and I've gotta say, I think this may become my new favourite polish! It applies so smoothly, the colour is true to how it looks in the bottle, dries relatively quick and looks like it's gonna be pretty chip resistant. I'm pleased! Heres a little snap of the nails I used to practice with (Broadway Real Life Natural Nails Real Short)
It was my first attempt at the glitter gradient so I need a bit of practice there but I love the leopard print and will definatly be wearing this once I'm done with my current pink glitter nails. These are the products I used

For the glitter gradient: Nails Inc in Piccadilly Circus (FREE with this months Glamour Magazine!)
Silver Glitter Nail Art Pen (via this ebay shop, £6.60 for 24, obviously not as good as the WAH one, but such a bargain!)
To do this I basicly painted the glitter on as if it was a french tip using the striper brush, and then kind of dragged it downwards to get that gradient effect, maybe I'll do a tutorial if people want to see it)

For the leopard print: Nails Inc in Picadilly Circus
Models Own/WAH Nails Nail Art Pen in Black (£6)
Pink Glitter Nail Art Pen
I learnt the Leopard technique by watching Gem's tutorial which you can see for yourself here by the way :)

Have you bought the latest issue of Glamour? What shade did you pick? Let me know guys, as I'm so tempted to go back and buy the other three shades!

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