Monday, 21 November 2011


This morning I woke to my Mum shouting to me that GlossyBox had come, something I'd normally be so excited about, though after reading Lily and Emma's reviews I'm kind of meh about this month.
Lets take a look inside...

Illamasqua Freak perfume, Nail Rock Nail Wraps, Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salts, FC5 Swiss Ultra Hydrating Hand Creme, Monu Professional Skincare Revitalising Moisturiser

Gotta say GlossyBox, I'm not impressed with this box. It seems very 'empty' compared to last months box, and I've not tried any of the items yet because theyre simply not something I'm interested in. 

My favourite product is probably the perfume. I'm not normally a fan of perfume samples, but knowing this is unisex is handy, my boyfriend comes to stay a lot so having something he can use in the mornings is a good thing. It's not what I'd usually go for at all but theres something about it I really like and will probably put this on my christmas list. 

The nail wraps are something I really didnt like about the box. They've been used before in a previous box and I find it much easier to paint my own nail art, as these are fiddly and from my experience look quite tacky on, though this may be me being rubbish at them! I'll probably give these to one of my friends.

The bath salts are something I wouldnt use, I dont like take taking baths anyway as I hate soaking in my own filth! I'll give these to my Mum, though she already has a lot of Dead Sea Spa Magik products so she may already have these. 

The moisturiser I think is a full sized product, again something I'm not really excited about. Maybe if the packaging was more 'me' I would use this, but I'm pretty happy with my current moisturiser (Soap & Glory For Daily Youth 6-In-One Superboost Moisture Lotion). Same goes for the hand creme.

Overall, this box isn't really relevant to me. I would have liked to recieve the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer as it's a product I'm intrigued by and is something I would actually use, but hey-ho, you win some, you lose some. I'll definatly hold out for next months box, but i think if its anything like this one I'll probably call it quits on my subscription.

What did you think of this months GlossyBox? Will you be keeping your subscription? What was your favourite item in this months box?

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