Thursday, 8 December 2011


I first read about LUSH lip scrubs on Holly's blog, as soon as I heard this one was popping candy I had to have it!
I haven't been into LUSH for years, my Mum used to buy me a bath bomb as a treat every now and again when I was younger but that hasn't happened in a while! If I'm completly honest, I'm not a fan of LUSH packaging, I like my packaging girly!
You basicly put this on your lips, rub your lips together, and then lick off and let the popping candy do its magic! I'm all for a gimmicky beauty product so I was all over this! Obviously because its popping candy the granules are quite large, so its not something you can really use out and about because it goes everywhere, but I use this most evenings before I go to bed and my lips are noticably softer :) It smells exactly like the green fruit pastille too! Yum! I did find that mine melted a little, it looked kinda gloopy but I took it back to the store and was told this is a common problem with the product and was caused by temperature change, and that it resets after a while. I used a blotting paper to get rid of this as it was putting me off a little, but it's fine now :)

Pow Wow is priced at £4.75 and is available exclusively for Christmas, you can buy it here

What do you think of LUSH as a brand? Have you tried Pow Wow or any of the other limited edition christmas products? What do you think?

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