Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Christmas has been so busy in my house, so I've not had any time to blog, with the last minute rushing around stresses, family time and daily food babies. This year was lovely for me and my family, lots of food, country walks, copious amounts of alcohol, Downtown Abbey box sets and endless board games. Santa was kind and bought me a few nice treats, and I've also bought myself a lot of pressies too! I will be featuring some of my gifts in future posts, there are a few reviews coming up and a lot of fashion posts so keep your eyes peeled!
Thought I would do a little wishlist as it's now 1.14am and I really need to get to bed! It's my birthday on the 5th January so these are a few ideas for my family and friends, I find it so hard to decide what I want though as a lot of things I can buy myself, but wishlists are a good way for me to decide what I want to do with my money as I'm a persistant impulse-buyer. I've had so many people tell me I would love Morroccan Oil so I'm keen to try it out. I was offered a free bottle of this at my old job last year as we had some freebies and I stupidly declined not realising how big Morroccan Oil would become! Dohhh D: The clutch I saw in Bank the day after boxing day and fell in love with. I have so many ideas for outfits I could team it with and it's a complete bargain at just £25! The sweatpants I have actually just ordered over at Jack Wills as I was scared they would sell out, they've just gone in the sale! I don't really have any 'loungewear' and these look perfect for travelling, though theyre not what I would usually go for, but I am trying to be practical with my spending this year! I do love Topshop make-up and have noticed these gorgeous colours in their nail range which I need in my life! The 2 middle shades are my favourite and will probably be purchased in the next week or so if I can make it into the city. The Enrapture styler looks amazing after reading Emmas review, I really like the idea of being able to alter the heat settings in each section of the tong.

How was everybody's Christmas? What treats did Santa bring you? How did you celebrate the day?

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