Sunday, 4 December 2011


I don't normally go for supermarket/cheaper brand make-up, as snobby as that sounds, because I just get visions of scratchy foamy applicators, colours that arent very pigmented, and the worry of having to use a lot to get any kind of coverage, but budget brand cosmetics are definatly upping their standards if this set is anything to go by!
I never really paid my eyebrows much attention, I saw the September Glossybox and thought the HD Brows looked pretty cool, but at £19.95, I couldnt justify spending the money on something I didnt even know if I wanted or would use. After a recent trip to London I decided enough was enough when I saw how rubbish my brows looked in this picture!
Exhibit A(I'm on the right, excuse the face):
I read Lily's review of the Vivo palette and decided to try it as it's so cheap at just £5. I was so nervous trying this out, yep it's make-up and it washes off but as a brow virgin I have no idea what I'm doing! I decided to play it safe and use the midde shade, just a little sweep through the thicker part of my brows to darken them. It looked scary to me at first as I'm not used to paying my eyebrows such attention, but after I put the sealing gel (not gonna lie, I thought it was mascara until I read the back!) over the top I found the effect was really nice, not too heavy like I anticipated, just a subtle hint of colour that I know will stay put all day (I've just finished an 8 hour shift and its stayed put!)
The colours work really nicely as eyeshadows too, especially for day time. Basicly, go out and buy this! It's definatly in my everyday makeup bag from this day forward :)
Here are my eyebrows after using the palette. Not really a huge amount of difference, but as I said, I was dipping my toes in carefully. Not a great picture either as it's taken on a webcam, though I do love this shot of me and my beautiful twin nieces :)
Vivo cosmetics are available exclusively at Tesco
Have you tried any of the Vivo range? What are your favourite items from the collection? Do you use the Brow Palette yourself?

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